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25 Feb 2021 12:56 #358847 by Carlos.Martinez3
As PARENTS and as Modern Day Jedi, Parents mainly in this section, DOES A LIBRARY MATTER? Does having a physical library at your home, within walking distance and assessable one way or another important to US as Modern Day Jedi Parents and why?

What sections are important to you as a Modern Day Jedi parent, please share because I really wanna know. I got a physical library myself and am always looking for new titles and new books to stow and read and archive.
From talking directly with people, I have noticed a trend if anything about "archives" in the local scene aka SERVERS FOR THE HOUSE and for Familys and friends, what's your thought on that as well? Thats a library - a digital one...
Are LIBRARYS important to the Jedi parent? Feel free to share

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26 Feb 2021 12:35 #358866 by Vandrar
Replied by Vandrar on topic Family Library
A house without books is poor, even if beautiful carpets cover the floors and precious wallpaper and pictures cover the walls.
Hermann Hesse

I think books are important. It doesn't have to be a library or a book room. A shelf with books that have
accompanied the family for a while is usually sufficient.

In my opinion, it's not about having certain books or owning the classics. Is the Bible Important? Hermann Hesse?
For one, yes, for another, not.
Books show a family history, a development. What were the parents interested in? The grandparents maybe?
There are always books that are passed through the generations, books that always have a certain relevance for every age.

It's like music. Or photos. Being able to play a musical instrument is different from just listening to a stream. I prefer to look
at a photo in a frame or photo album than on the iPad.
Physical things give such works a value.

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, so here's another approach. We (my family) stream music. When we think something
is really good, we buy the record, preferably on vinyl.
It is the same with books. We use the eBook reader to consume books. If a book convinces us, we buy it on paper.

So over the years we have built up a book and music room to which we like to withdraw.
My daughter occasionally wanders around the bookshelves and rummages through our old books. It's exciting how she reads
and understands the stories. That often engages us in good conversation over dinner.

So I would agree with old Hermann Hesse, but at least add one more point: Music.

So it doesn't have to be a library, but I think a good, personal collection of books is important.

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my english is a bit rusty. I maybe apologize in advance for possibly strange expressions ... ;)

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