Texas Massacre and 214 other mass shootings in 2022

31 May 2022 03:33 #368411 by Alethea Thompson
Also while I’m here- Teaching the basic fundamentals of marksmanship isn’t difficult. Just because your wife didn’t decide to take up learning how to do that stuff doesn’t mean the rest of us are unskilled.

I know plenty of NON-MILITARY women that are fantastic hunters. I know PLENTY of men who are inept at using a any weapons simply because they didn’t invest time into it. They had other things they were interested in.

It’s all a matter of what floats someone’s boat.

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31 May 2022 05:01 #368412 by Rosalyn J
It seems that 80% of children are being raised in single parent households singlemotherguide.com/single-mother-statistics/
But I don't think that's the only contributing factor.
I think maybe these articles may help contextualize the discussion going on here:
This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.
This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.
I don't know enough about school shootings to make any sort of cogent argument, but I think it is bigger than "raise strong individuals"
The two articles I read seem to suggest there is more at issue than that.

If I were to hazard a guess, here are some things I believe might be contributing factors:

It used to be that we knew our neighbors. Now we are only known on social media and now only if we can keep people entertained/keep their attention. In the last school shooting (texas) this individual posted pictures of his guns and tagged someone with more followers than him hoping (I believe) to get more publicity. Social media, despite its purported purpose, is actually making us more lonely and disconnected One only has value if one has clout on social media. We don't really know how to make genuine connections. We spend so much time on social media/the internet, that we never really get out of that mind frame once we get offline and have to go to school. Plus, what does social media give us the opportunity to do? Create silos and shut out contrary opinions. The consequence of this is the inability to tolerate other people's perspectives and socially engage.
We aren't creating communities like we used to. Forgive the back in my day but back in my day one had a group of neighborhood friends that one grew up around. There were plenty of latchkey kids when I grew up, but it was understood (at least where I was raised) that discipline was a community responsibility and that raising a child took a village

Now, some questions:
What is the effect of economic insecurity on home life?
What about the rate at which men are imprisoned (some of them while innocent I might add (see the justice project))?

Anyway, let's look at the solution to one of these problems
foreverfamilies.byu.edu/father-abandonme...ity%2C%20and%20abuse .

As Jedi then, is it our responsibility to provide mentorship and/or that extended network to those who may be without a male role model?

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31 May 2022 08:21 #368413 by Alethea Thompson
So much this, Rosalyn. In a very recent group (Old Guard members). I have had the honor of being part of- I noticed just how strong that community building could theoretically be if we worked on it in our respective Jedi spaces. I also noticed that the majority of that group are in the generations before me.

I think the way that social media targets is to make us addicted to its content is a major factor in how we process the world around us. We’re drawn in, as both marketing tools and marketed persons. So we don’t take time at truly communicating with people. We effectively become NPCs of the world around us.

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31 May 2022 10:55 - 31 May 2022 10:56 #368417 by River
I've been thinking about this thread.
I had trouble sleeping sleeping last night because of this thread. Some of that was just because I was contemplating what my beliefs are and what's informing them and if I feel like there are some I'd like to change or at least challenge. But if I'm completely honest, some of my sleeplessness was because some of the posts scared me. I wasn't afraid of the ideas in the posts, or the violent incidents that sparked this thread (or at least, not any more afraid than I was before this thread existed). I was feeling afraid of the people who were writing the posts, and that's a pretty disturbing feeling to have in a faith community. Some of the ideas expressed, and how they were expressed, honestly felt a little like watching early Elliot Rodgers videos to me. I don't think that specifically accusing huge swaths of humanity for the failings of a few, no matter how horrific those failings were, serves any purpose other than alienating people, possibly frightening them, and making it pretty unlikely that they will be willing to listen to your message.

In regard to that message, another thing that made my gut tighten in fear is what read to me as unchecked sexism. Just because one woman has chosen not to handle weapons, doesn't mean no women can. Just because one man is an excellent marksman, doesn't mean all men are. What does being able to handle any given weapon have to do with how good a person you are, anyway? What about trans people in this scenario? Is a transwoman gonna wind up raising a child who knows how to use a gun but is afraid to? Does a transman's child enjoy some weapons but only blades under 6 inches and handguns that will fit into a cute clutch? What about the kids of nonbinary parents? Do they just spin in circles with a doll in one hand and a water gun in the other? Of course not. It's a ridiculous notion that the biological sex or the gender identity of parents has that much influence over whether a child grows up respecting the sanctity of life or not. It's not about who does the teaching, it's about what's taught.

What's between your legs has nothing to do with how well you can handle a weapon, or how well you can pass on values to the next generation. It doesn't even have anything to do with which values you pass down. There are some amazing men who were raised by single mothers. There are some amazing women who were raised by single fathers. Phenomenal people have been raised in every possible mix of family scenarios, including single parents, both parents, two parents of the same gender, more than two parents, grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles, aunts and uncles, older siblings... From what I can see, the key is attentiveness, not who is giving the attention. If a child is cared for and knows it, if they are guided and appropriately corrected when it's necessary, if professional help is sought as needed... those are the things that I understand as being determining factors in incidents like the murders in Uvalde. Kids who are neglected amd isolated wind up making up their own value systems, and when you add early trauma to the mix (another common trait in many mass shooters) sometimes those systems are really screwed up.

Sources to check out:
"Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention?"

"A Radical New Look at Mass Shooters. Why They Do It and How to Stop Them"

"Op-Ed: We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here’s what we’ve learned about the shooters"
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31 May 2022 16:34 #368424 by Rex
Bracketing aside the gender/sex issue (which I think is relevant because terrorists tend to be represented by one gender), I think we're giving cop out answers to the cause. Like Ros mentioned, the fact that many are raised by single mothers (or guardians generally), can be attributed to sampling or many other issues. Additionally, many shooters (particularly those who streamed their attacks) showed a level of weapon handling that implied they were raised around firearms and likely were brought up to respect them. Finally, blaming social media is a cop out; ancient Greeks sharing papyri in the schools of the forum was comparable to our virtual communities.

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