24 Dec 2021 00:04 #364871 by Streen
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I've been kind of down lately, fighting a cold and feeling pretty miserable physically and emotionally, despite the time of the year.

Well, something happened. Something I can't explain, and I don't care to, because it would sound pretty crazy. Lets just say I saw something that I can't explain. Don't worry it wasn't aliens ;) Still, it shook me to my core, and eliminated any misery I was experiencing.

It made me recall something I learned early on in my Jedi training... EMBRACE THE MYSTERY. Not everything is explainable. In fact, there's more about the world and the universe that we DON'T know than we DO. And there's literally nothing we can do about it. Sure, we'll learn more as time goes on, but for the most part we will remain ignorant of that which is most important.

That's where faith comes in, whatever you happen to have faith in. But overall, just enjoy it. Enjoy the mystery, because it makes life a lot more interesting :side:

There is a fine line between insight and insanity.
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