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The hero’s journey

It’s every where in many modes and paths and ways.
Once you see it - you won’t be able to - UN SEE it.
So many times comics is NOT respected for things. I’m a fan. I love a great story- but I love a even greater one with a purpose no matter where it comes from. Some mornings I hug my family and dance to Sunflower from the Spider verse. Some days I act from different reasons - the Myth-
I subscribe to - THE ALL MYTH
Any myth for any body.
Maybe I don’t act like Hal Jordan some times - or Vader - maybe I leave a few moments like Gandalf to reflect or smoke a pipe.
Maybe not but it’s nice to have more than just one option. Hercules had 12 tasks - And is still alive ... did he find redemption? Comic books like the Dark Knight - I dig! I have those type of internal conflicts- do I act or do I watch.
There’s more in a comic book than colored dots. . . To me....

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