Tellahane, Associate Sysadmin and Site Changes

28 Oct 2017 00:10 #304923 by Tellahane
Seem's kind of silly to toot my own horn but it actually carries meaning here. I was offered and accepted the position of associate sysadmin, my role in this position is to help fill in some hours on the temple's website and development aspects of things where Ren is unable to for reasons beyond his control. I'm by no means replacing Ren I'm merely supplementing the temple with some of my expertise to get some changes and fixes done that were long overdue, and to help facilitate changes going forward where they are needed and requested. More importantly so that everyone else has time to work on other projects that also need done. Ren has put in a crazy amount of time and effort to make this temple rock and I'm not here to throw that aside just merely help out while he is very busy.

That being said, I'm sure just about everyone has seen the shoutbox make a return, as well as the chat that's been requested to come back quite a bit. As well as a few other small fixes here and there. There is also 2 new forum categories, one is a wish list of idea's you guys come up with that would be nice to have, keeping in mind not everything put in there will be implemented its just there as a wish list to pull from. Another to submit issues that are technical problems, broken links, bugs, things that aren't working that should. Some of that may be fixable quickly some of that may take some work but its a place where we can at least keep track of those reports from everyone down to the registered member level.

As far as workflow is considered, there are some things that I will be allowed to do without having my hand held and those are only going to be bug fixes(where links are broken etc) or other small tweaks, and other things that will require approval from council such as chat features returning, shoutbox as an example. A lot of that will end up in writing here before too long but for the meantime I'm not just making changes for the sake of making changes everything that has been done so far and on the list to do are things you guys from the temple have been asking for. Just trying to get caught up on that list. I've been programming for over 15 years in web development and my role and title has always been a "web systems engineer" in that my focus is improving and designing systems that better flow and make the web experience on whatever project I'm working on better, that will be my same goal here. I hope I don't let anyone down and will do my best to provide for the temple as it has provided for me these last few years!
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20 Nov 2017 08:16 #306368 by Aqua
Congratulations Tellahane!! ;)

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