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16 Jun 2020 20:25 #352768 by DerekBy
Sentinels Symbol was created by DerekBy
In making a desk stand for my Orange Sentinel Lightsaber. I'm looking at woodburning a Sentinel Symbol on it, had anyone seen an honest symbol I could use?

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14 Jul 2020 01:08 #353355 by J. K. Barger
Replied by J. K. Barger on topic Sentinels Symbol
I don't know if I've seen one for the Sentinels... Thats a good question to stay up all night surfing on!

The Force is with you, always.

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15 Jul 2020 01:42 #353373 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Sentinels Symbol
A variation on the ouroboros might be good. Like stepping between the snake such that it only can eat itself, leaving no footprint by stepping in the spaces naturally arising...... as it denotes the "formless disorder that surrounds the orderly world and is involved in that world's periodic renewal". Plus, it was the symbol of the Envoy's from Altered Carbon and they seem a bit Sentinel esk :side:

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