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12 Jun 2018 15:14 #322826 by Trisskar
Yin & Yang was created by Trisskar
I have been playing with clay of late. Learning the in's and out's of sculpting and ended up making a bunch of Yin/Yang's that folks suggested I sell. So....I figured Id toss them up here if anyone is interested.

$10 a peace for those who seek balance with there opposing personal energy. Are you a very yang individual and wish to balance that out with a Yin pendant and/or vis versa? These Yin/Yang's were made with a poly clay that has a bit of metalic shimmer (Can't really see it in the pictures).

$20 a set Getting the set is great for a partners gift! Best friend or lover? Give them the other half!

Yang holds a volcanic stone a symbol of mother earth and healing, taking in the fire's of anxiety, anger, heated emotions and cooling them.

Yin carries a White Fire Crackle Agate stone shielding and pushing away negative energy while boosting the positive and passionate energy levels around it.

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15 Jun 2018 19:03 #323068 by Trisskar
Replied by Trisskar on topic Yin & Yang
Just giving this a one and only bump ^_^ I leave on a huge month long vacation on the 27th, so anytime after that until the end of July i wont be around to take any requests. So if anyone is wanting a yin/yang just PM me so that I can get them mailed out before I leave!

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