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06 Mar 2020 02:24 #350213 by anhy123
The Job Search was created by anhy123
Tomorrow I go in for a final interview.

It's been 4 months without a stable job.
1 of those months has been working as a delivery helper, working 10 hour shifts, 6-7 days a week without overtime. 10am to 8pm, with a 5 minute window to get slots for the next week on Wednesdays. I'm grateful for the work and money, but the stress of being able to lose a whole weeks worth of pay in 5 minutes and working long hours is ruining my mental state.

Tomorrow I meet with the owner and their resource manager.

Here's a prayer that it comes through okay for us.

[The platform operates by opening x many shifts for the next week. Priority 1 workers get first dibs, P2 get what's left, P3 gets the remainder. I'm P2, and the first in my area, so I get first dibs, but I'm still fighting everyone next to me for timeslots. If theres no slots left by the time I look, I'm SOL unless someone drops. It's very stressful waiting for timeslots to open. I do not get overtime as I'm a 1099 worker.]:lol: :lol: :lol: :) :)

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06 Mar 2020 16:26 #350225 by Carlos.Martinez3
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I will light a candle for you today. May the Force be ever with you

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