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"There is a possibility that it might have been cradle headboarded, but the reason why I don’t think so is because the position of the foramen magnum is back towards the rear of the skull. A normal foramen magnum would be closer to the jaw line…”

Marzuli explained that an archaeologist has written a paper about his study of the position of the foramen magnum in over 1000 skulls. “He states that the Paracas skulls, the position of the foramen magnum is completely different than a normal human being, it is also smaller, which lends itself to our theory that this is not cradle headboarding, this is genetic.”

In addition, Marzulli described how some of the Paracas skulls have a very pronounced zygomatic arch (cheek bone), different eye sockets and no sagittal suture, which is a connective tissue joint between the two parietal bones of the skull."

Its interesting, thats all Im saying. I dont know what "different eye sockets" means, but the sagittal suture is universal among human skulls.

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06 Mar 2018 21:14 #317754 by Carlos.Martinez3
Interesting stuff .

I gotta friend named Agbita, my wife was stationed with him in white sands new Mexico. Truth be told - his skull matched many of the museum specimens claimed to be ancestors as far as humans were conserned. Huge cranium! Mine is larger than most being - of my heritage decent , I tower over- height wise- what is common for my name sake. To me , size of skull or shape seem to be still varying today. It's hard to say this is bigger- that means it's not this or that. Tough stuff to guess at. Glad I'm not them. That's a tough gig - guessing with no one around to validate. Interesting to say the least. One time we thought dinosaurs walked with their tails down ... I found the old science books to prove our theory till we started drawing them with them walking with their tails in the air when some one said - if they dragged their tail wouldn't there be tail tracks with foot prints? I love sience and how it's constantly evolving... pun intended !

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