2017 Physics Nobel Prize

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03 Oct 2017 21:26 #302961 by tach980
2017 Physics Nobel Prize was created by tach980
Hello everybody!

Nobel prizes are getting announced this days. For what I see, Chemistry, Biology and Physics have been released, but Literature, Peace and Economics are yet to be announced.

I leave a link to the Swedish Academy , if you want to know more (press notes are very short, but the give enough information to research a little).

PS: I think I know of a researcher who explained very well (with music!) what this year's Physics Nobel Prize was about. I'll keep you posted.

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13 Nov 2017 21:01 #305995 by Provey
Replied by Provey on topic 2017 Physics Nobel Prize
thank you very much tach980, i aprpeciate it a lot. do you have any updates? i see that a month has passed and i'm interested. thank you!

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