Can you help me verify my budget custom PC build?

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17 Aug 2017 15:08 #297991 by carterturner
Hey computer fans, I have a build for you to verify!
I am in the U.K (£, GBP)
£1 = $1.3 US
I am currently getting my build for my life here at my mums sorted out and I am working on a tight budget (£500 max, as cheap as possible). I have worked out a great (I think) build, however, as it is my first time and I'm not exactly the worlds best expert, I may have tripped up. I would like to know if:

A) all parts are compatible (I think they are)
B) all parts are optimal / best for the job
C) if I have found the best prices for all parts
D) are all cables there (such as PSU or FanHub)
E) are there any better solutions at the same price
F) would thermals be an issue (CPU StuckCooler in use)

Please Help.
Thanks !

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  • Arisaig
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17 Aug 2017 15:16 #297994 by Arisaig
Seems pretty decent, but seems to be a little low on ram if you wan to do any gaming. But if thats not your goal, you should be fine with the 8 g's.

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17 Aug 2017 15:58 #298010 by Edan
Did you join just to post about your technology? You realise this isn't an IT forum... Right?

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17 Aug 2017 16:13 #298013 by Cyan Sarden
I'd go with an i5 - the i3 is underpowered for most tasks. The 8gb of RAM will be ok for Windows 10 as long as you won't be doing a lot of gaming - otherwise go with 16.

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  • Twigga
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23 Aug 2017 20:06 #299298 by Twigga
Checks out for me re compatibility. If you are a student in the uk, they can often get free or cheap legal copies of windows 10 (which I think has a personal vedetta against me, so I've stuck with Win 7 and XP). Getting a mate who is a student to download it for you would invalidate the Terms and Conditions of sale though...

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