[Science] Study: Acetaminophen dulling your empathy?

17 May 2016 13:15 #241393 by Jestor
My wife texted this to me, and says, jokingly, "this could be what happened to me."...

She is NOT very empathetic, and HAS been on acetaminophen since she was very young, and takes 800-1000 mg every time she needs some...

idk if that is common in folks who take a lot of aspirin, but, interesting, anyway...

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17 May 2016 14:02 - 17 May 2016 14:03 #241398 by Snowy Aftermath
Replied by Snowy Aftermath on topic [Science] Study: Acetaminophen dulling your empathy?
That is really fascinating. People insist that you are always the primary mover in all areas of your life, but tiny things in our environment/food/water help shape our personalities in sometimes dramatic ways too without us even realizing it. Look at how large a factor sleep is in every aspect of your life, then the small things that can keep you from sleeping, you know?

Once we eliminate those other things that sway us, who will we be? It's certainly interesting to think about.
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17 May 2016 15:09 #241403 by Zephyrus
I have a lot of experience with pharmaceuticals and their effects on the body/mind connection.

I have type 2 diabetes, and this has me on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, liver meds, pancreas hormones... All sorts of fun stuff.

I am convinced that drugs, especially taken long term, have transformative effects that are not always good. It's just a problem when we need them to live...

In these situations, focusing exclusively on getting as balanced as possible is ideal. I wonder if lifestyle changes would help with your wife's Acetaminophen need?

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