[Science] - Free will could all be an illusion

26 May 2016 23:02 - 26 May 2016 23:28 #242351 by OB1Shinobi

Jestor wrote: Thank you for that...

"you have the destiny to live out your free will choices"

Thats what I have said, lol... :)

Edit: Imma watch that tonight... :)

id be interested to "hear" your thoughts on it if you do get the chance to watch it
and no worries if you dont
its a great lecture imo,
he always covers a lot of material in his talks, this is one of my favorites, because explains how the big five model of personality came to be, the value of introversion vs extroversion, gives an easy to understand intro to brain and nervous system function, human echolocation and the likely origins of the blind swordsman myth, and the western explanation of maya

you should watch this video because he plays it in the lecture but we cant see it, its less than 2 minutes

youve probably seen it or at least something like it, but its good to refresh and if you havent seen this version yet you might enjoy it

People are complicated.
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