Spooky Action At A Distance - Quantum entanglement finally confirmed

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23 Oct 2015 10:15 #206370 by tzb

The new experiment, conducted by a group led by Ronald Hanson, a physicist at the Dutch university’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, and joined by scientists from Spain and England, is the strongest evidence yet to support the most fundamental claims of the theory of quantum mechanics about the existence of an odd world formed by a fabric of subatomic particles, where matter does not take form until it is observed and time runs backward as well as forward.

The researchers describe their experiment as a “loophole-free Bell test” in a reference to an experiment proposed in 1964 by the physicist John Stewart Bell as a way of proving that “spooky action at a distance” is real.

“These tests have been done since the late ’70s but always in the way that additional assumptions were needed,” Dr. Hanson said. “Now we have confirmed that there is spooky action at distance.”

According to the scientists, they have now ruled out all possible so-called hidden variables that would offer explanations of long-distance entanglement based on the laws of classical physics.


Not a surprise, but pretty cool nevertheless.

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23 Oct 2015 16:09 - 23 Oct 2015 16:09 #206430 by KageKeeper
Very cool. Poor Einstein. :cheer:
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30 Oct 2015 15:00 #207145 by Mael
I think that even the quantum entanglement is demonstrated (or at least theoretically predicted) the lack of knowledge about the quantum decoherence processes is making the field to still need a very big amount of research to be done (luckily for me :P )

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