[Science] - Effects of the 'Phantom Road'

01 Sep 2015 20:01 #201634 by Jestor
Whats all that do to us?

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02 Sep 2015 00:10 - 02 Sep 2015 00:15 #201651 by Adder
When I left Sydney (busy city) and moved to the bush (middle of nowhere), I could hear the sound of the roadnoise (which wasn't actually there) for about 3 weeks after before my ears adjusted to the quiet
Maybe people develop their own version of active noise cancellation , like a shadow to mitigate the constant levels - not actual sound, but the experience of noise perhaps... or something. Did I get that backwards, as noise v sound? One is the disturbance of air and the other is the cognitive experience of the other (I forget!) - derail~

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