Once Again, Scientists Conclude That There's No Evidence That Homeopathy Works

09 Jul 2016 03:05 #247673 by MadHatter

Miss_Leah wrote: I think it's important to differentiate between homeopathy, which is heavily diluted ingredients (as in, diluted usually 30 times or more) in water, and natural medicine, which is helping symptoms using plants/herbs/minerals.

Natural medicine is proven effective, homeopathy is placebo at best.

You are right. However the FDA and many "official" sources treat them with similar skepticism which is why I think they get lumped together.

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10 Jul 2016 22:18 #247776 by Adder
The best Doctor's I've run into were also into Naturopathy, not so much Homeopathy though. Homeopathy is often a tiny to non existent part of Naturopathy (no pun intended).

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