Free online course: Making Sense of Climate Change Denial

03 Jul 2015 09:53 #196675 by Loudzoo
I recently completed an online course: Making Sense of Climate Change Denial (from the University of Queensland). If you're interested in Climate Change and particularly the psychology of Climate Change Denial I strongly recommend it. Its free, takes about 15 hours to complete, and you get a certificate if you pass! The course presents the evidence that backs the hypothesis of Anthropogenic Climate Change (quite frankly this part is quite weak) but it goes into considerable depth on the psychology of why some people do not accept the scientific consensus, for mostly non-scientific reasons (this part is very good) and is equally applicable in some of the other discussions had in TOTJO in recent months (anti-vax, Darwinian evolution etc).

The link is here:
and is now self-paced (rather than over 6 weeks, as it was previously) so you can dip in and out at your convenience :)

Enjoy :)

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04 Jul 2015 01:20 - 04 Jul 2015 01:21 #196752 by Adder
Wait what, the 'myth of the sun causing global warming' (from their About this course page)!? The Sun is responsible for nearly all of the warming on Earth AFAIK, be it gravitational subterranean activity or radiant energy more generally. Plus I've also seen a pretty good correlation between solar activity and global sea temperatures dating back to about the 16th century - but I agree it would seem obvious pollution would drive local climate change and potentially systematic change too, as pointed to by the increases recently and apparent divergence from solar activity since the 80's.

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04 Jul 2015 01:41 #196757 by OB1Shinobi
isnt it basically political and economical?

economical because industry in general and fossil fuels in particular are economically invested

and political because climate change, as an environmental issue which also stands as oppositional to said industries, is associated with liberal political ideas and therefore automatically "wrong" in the minds of those who count themselves as conservatives

these were the primary drivers behind denial that i was aware of

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04 Jul 2015 11:41 #196782 by Streen
What I find that most people aren't comprehending is that climate change could very well be cyclical. Just because temperatures are rising doesn't mean they are going in one linear direction. If there's one thing I've learned about this planet and the solar system is that everything happens in cycles.

I'm not confirming or denying climate change, just that change in general usually balances itself out.

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