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05 Sep 2017 17:34 #300667 by Tzhar
My personal philosophy was created by Tzhar
I've been a Jedi for many years, but haven't been ingaged for some time. The last time I was ingaged was with another Jedi site. Since their closing, I've been looking for a way to live out my philosophy in life.
The following is how I, personally, see the Jedi Philosophy. This is an exert from my personal journal.
All matter is made of atoms, as is all energy, there for all matter isbenergy.
The mythical Jedi Master, Yoda, said, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." He gave good expression to the underlying truth.
The Force is where out spiritual being and out minds meet the physical universe.

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05 Sep 2017 18:11 #300669 by Carlos.Martinez3
You are with like minded people here . I am one ! I am first a fan and then a bit more. Here we encourage everyone to be them and to be them on and off line , off line is life. Feel free to search they and look around . Here we say yes , yes you are and yes you can . It does me good to see some one seeking and learning . Feel free to bring a bad or what ever u need on your journey! Pm if u ever need . While searching you will find difrent examples of the same thing. Use them how you need. As in life ... Practice here , live there where you stand for ... Lol a difrent stand . Be well and welcome to te Temple !
May you find the You seek and may it meet u where you seek it !'

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