Jediism and Transhumanism

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25 Jan 2016 19:07 #224119 by Khaos
Replied by Khaos on topic Jediism and Transhumanism

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25 Jan 2016 19:37 #224127 by Carlos.Martinez3
These statements prove that we do not normally think for ourselves rather have the "drone"effect. Me personally , I think most of us only do use 10 percent of our brain because we never really make the choice to choose. That's my idea lol .

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25 Jan 2016 20:33 #224155 by Rickie
Replied by Rickie on topic Jediism and Transhumanism

transfer of consciousness

Isn't there enough crap on the internet now!? :)

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29 Jan 2016 22:43 - 29 Jan 2016 22:43 #225260 by Yugen
Replied by Yugen on topic Jediism and Transhumanism
For the moment, i am connected to the only thing i need, and that is the force.
Our human consciousness is merely electrical signals, that can easily be transfered or "uploaded" to an avatar, but the way i see it, we would not loose our connection to the force if our consciousness and with it our vibration just changed host. But of course, it all remains to be seen

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30 Jan 2016 00:05 #225271 by den385
Replied by den385 on topic Jediism and Transhumanism
AFAIK, there are 3 things: humanism, transhumanism and posthumanism. Transhumanism, IMO, is mostly about escapism into the fantasy of technologically perfect future. Also, I've met Russian transhumanists and my opinion of them is not that high.

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30 Jan 2016 00:16 #225273 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Jediism and Transhumanism
My transhumanisn is about increasing the usable heights of possible experience/intelligence, and increasing the healthy length of it (longevity), having two main fronts; spiritual and technological. Unfortunately the tech side is a way off, but it's fun to think about!!! In fact, the spiritual best builds the intelligence/experiential potentials and the tech would probably be the only way to increase the longevity (with a fair share of overlap no doubt).

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30 Jan 2016 01:07 - 30 Jan 2016 01:08 #225277 by Omhu Cuspor
Replied by Omhu Cuspor on topic Jediism and Transhumanism

Kymos Akari wrote: ... Now my question is, would some loose the possibility of connecting with the Force and claim to being a Jedi since they would no loner be biological even though they are sentient seeing as how the Force is usually centred around living things or would sentience alone be enough to connect to the Force and be a Jedi?

I don't know if we can answer this with certainty, but like others I have an opinion - and I'm inclined to respond that sentience alone may not be enough.

if and when the time comes that machines become self-aware - whether that is born from an infusion of our own consciousness or some spontaneous technological event - a new precedent will have been set. It will be the first time a conscious being will have ever intentionally initiated a new phase of its own evolution.

To me, that bounces against the very nature of the Force. I'll admit to a bias here, but as I see it, the Force is not only immanent (inherent in all life, as depicted in George Lucas' mythology) but also transcendent (having a consciousness and will of its own). Evolution seems to work in this Earthly realm through nature, through biology; the very evolution of the planets and life upon them has depended upon the old Pagan elements of fire, earth (minerals), air (gases) and water (fluids) rather than upon levers, wheels, and microcircuits.

In short, there is a soulful side to our existence that I'm doubtful can be transferred to a machine, even should our thoughts and memories experience such a transfer. It is that soulful core through which the Force operates, and I do not think a machine can embody that.

More pragmatically, if we advance technologically so far as to become another sort of creature that is partly a traditionally-defined human and partly - oh, I don't know, an oven - we have know idea what sort of being this new life-form would endeavor to become. We might not like the ultimate outcome.

Someone (I wish I recalled who) said that we are currently expressing ourselves through a mix of primal emotions, medieval social structures, and godlike technology. Maybe we'd do better to bolster the two weaker legs of that stool before massively advancing still farther regarding the third.
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