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24 Feb 2015 22:59 #182412 by Karn
Rune/Symbolism was created by Karn
Has anyone ever seen this rune/symbol? It has been popping up in my dreams/meditations.

Anyone have any idea what it might signify?

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24 Feb 2015 23:08 #182414 by Brenna
Replied by Brenna on topic Rune/Symbolism
Not that exactly, but it did make me think immediately of the work of the surrealist Joan Miro, in particular the idea of surrealist automatism that was encouraged during that movement, as a way to assist the artists in expressing their subconscious.

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet

Part of the seduction of most religions is the idea that if you just say the right things and believe really hard, your salvation will be at hand.

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24 Feb 2015 23:15 #182416 by Daemian Vaan Wolfe
Replied by Daemian Vaan Wolfe on topic Rune/Symbolism
I've crossed referenced this to some of my materials on Runes, of the Elder Futhark, and Younger Futhark. This symbol is nothing I've ever seen before. However, it is not uncommon for our minds to create such symbols from our subconscious mind. This symbol must hold a specific meaning to you. What feelings can you think of when it appears? Perhaps the thought of something forms it.

The closes reference I can make is Algiz. Which is partially formed by the intersecting lines. Typically, to Explain, Algiz looks like a upside down Peace symbol. It means Self Love / Self Empowerment.

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24 Feb 2015 23:40 - 25 Feb 2015 00:36 #182421 by Arcade
Replied by Arcade on topic Rune/Symbolism
Cool, Karn. I don't know what it is off-hand, but my first impression was that it could be a representation of a Wedjat (Eye of Horus) . The Wedjat is a protective symbol and one that is generally equated with good health and abundance.

Since your version seems to be a mirror image, rather than its normal association with Ra (and the sun) it would be associated with Thoth (and the moon). The god Thoth was associated with many things over time, but the Egyptians believed he was the inventor of science, religion, philosophy, and the magical arts. He was a mediating power between good and evil and a judge of the dead.

The symbol could also be alchemical in nature or derived from goetic or planetary seals (see: magic squares ), but there are hundreds of those symbols and none of them come to mind immediately when I look at your image.

Obviously, there's a chance that it's a symbol of your own invention as well, in which case you may have to decipher it on your own. :)
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25 Feb 2015 00:55 #182426 by steamboat28
Replied by steamboat28 on topic Rune/Symbolism
As someone who's studied symbology and linguistics with a focus on writing systems (specializing in con-scripts), I can say that I've never seen this symbol anywhere.

That said, the shape is reminiscent (but not the same as) symbols found in both StarCraft and Warhammer, the script style resembles what would happen if you wrote Vulcan in circles like Gallifreyan, and the line weight reminds me of Bastet traveling symbols.
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25 Feb 2015 15:20 #182485 by Karn
Replied by Karn on topic Rune/Symbolism
Thanks everyone for the information. Still reflecting on it. My first instinct was the Wedjat, Eye of Horus as well. I have never seen it in any of my studies or books I have which puzzled me.

It is always great to get new perspectives and insight from you all! Thanks again!

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25 Feb 2015 19:05 #182508 by OB1Shinobi
Replied by OB1Shinobi on topic Rune/Symbolism
hi karn, sorry im late!
my interpretation is that it is essentially a warrior archetype symbol with especial emphasis on balance, vigilance/trust and goal setting
like to have goals that nuture and to trust that the goals one has are worthy and to stay vigilant about ones direction and to stive forn consistancy in all moods and experiences, to keep sense of self and keep perspective

because of the associations of these ideas it could also imply things like strategy and tactics, leadership, divination, soothseeing, and a quest for knowledge and power (quest for power is a good thing - doesnt necessarily mean power over others although it can. i feel like that symbol is charged with noble purpose so i trust in this case its a good quest) and the confidence to just BE without attachment to labels and without angst of judgement danger or failure and to be prepared to accept the full spectrum of what life has to offer with a sense of the balance of things

and its super cool looking!

i dunno if that does anything for you but i thank you for the opportunity for me to engage my own symbolic interprative proccess

People are complicated.
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