09 Jun 2022 13:22 #368614 by Streen
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I thought I'd try to revive the topic of gaming and find out who plays and what you play. I'm basically a hardcore gamer, myself, as I've been playing video games since I was 5, primarily on PC. My first gaming "PC" was a Commodore 64 :cheer:

Over the last few months I've been mainly playing Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and PUBG. Occasionally I'll play some older Battlefield games, and when I want to go retro, I still like a good Mario Bros. game.

I tend to gravitate toward online multiplayer games, MMOs in particular. I just like the feeling of knowing that the characters I'm playing with are actually real people. It makes the experience feel more real.

So, what do you play?

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09 Jun 2022 13:51 #368617 by River
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There's a gaming channel on our Discord too, if that's of interest to anyone

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