Insights to the Jedi here: What are you looking forward to?

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10 Apr 2017 17:25 #280370 by Senan
I'm looking forward to the day my doctor tells me my cancer is in remission so I can stop scheduling my life around chemo treatments. I know, I'm a bit of a downer on an otherwise very positive thread, but seeing an end in sight keeps me in a positive mindset. :)

And yes, season three of Rick and Morty is on the list too ;)

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12 Apr 2017 02:35 #280591 by Zenchi
My thirty minutes in chat this Monday...

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14 Apr 2017 08:54 #280791 by MarVinKra
Firstly, thank you all for replying to this topic :) your posts have been a pleasure to read!

Secondly, I am looking forward to finally having a semester break. Many assignments down but somehow I'm still kicking.
I also ordered myself a lightsaber from UltraSabers and its supposed to come next week! I won a raffle and it got my heart pounding. I found myself to be thinking of the Force a lot after winning and it made me very calm and centred but in the best of ways!


This plane behind the visible, that we cannot see, remains without time. It provides the ebb and flow of life without us ever noticing it unless we submit ourselves to it and its teachings. It offers so much and it has always been there. It is the Force

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