Dealing with Frustration

05 Oct 2016 15:55 #259831 by Wescli Wardest
Arrrg…. This is frustrating the *&@# out of me!!!

What to do when you reach “that” point? The point when rational thought goes out the window and swearing at some inanimate object, or beating it into submission, seems to be the best course of action available.

Me? I try, and I said “try”, to inhale and walk away while exhaling. Sometimes just a few seconds away from the problem can change your whole perspective and attitude.

With each breath I take in I focus just on how it feels to breathe that breath in. Then, as I exhale, I remind myself of what it is I am frustrated with. It’s just a machine
This, of course, is different with each situation I find myself in. Sometimes it sounds like, they’re just expressing their point of view and we don’t have to agree...

No matter what the situation is, being frustrated seldom helps to resolve it. :P

Most of us have some kind of coping mechanism to help us deal with these situations when they arise. Perhaps we can share some of these with others? Maybe there will be something posted in the thread that may help others, or they can use.

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05 Oct 2016 16:07 - 05 Oct 2016 16:09 #259834 by Leah Starspectre
When I'm frustrated at a person, I try to imagine what they're feeling, too. And why they're being so frustrating. Most of the time, I end up feeling bad for them and I'm able to better deal with my own frustration. Venting to someone helps, too.

If I'm frustrated with inanimate object, I walk away. That's it. Just stop and come back later when I'm not so angry. I do this all the time with craft projects and video games :P
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  • Goken
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05 Oct 2016 16:08 #259835 by Goken
Replied by Goken on topic Dealing with Frustration
Sometimes I get really frustrated. The first thing I try to do is detach myself from the emotion. I try to examine my actions and my thoughts as if I was watching and listening to someone else. Difficult, but it can be helpful. What I hope to gain by doing this is really determining the source of the frustration. If I identify an actual problem that I think could be fixed I'll do that. No sense getting mad at the splinter if I could just remove it instead, right? Many times, though, it's just me getting worked up and the source of my frustration is just me, or are things beyond my control. In these cases the best I can do is try to rid myself of these negative emotions.

To do so I go somewhere to be alone for a minute. I close my eyes and imagine that all of my emotions correspond to a color. Usually I just divide up positive and negative to white and red respectively. I imagine the red, negative, energy coursing through my body and then I try to focus it. I slowly move it towards one arm. As the red energy leaves parts of my body all that remains is the white, positive, energy. Once the red energy is all in one arm I focus it down to just that hand. Then, with all my might, I hurl it out, usually into a pretty solid wall (don't want to accidentally discover I'm telekinetic and hurt someone :laugh: ). Then I usually feel a bit better.

I realize that in reality what I just did was force myself to calm down, take deep breaths, and just remove myself from whatever situation I was dealing with, but the visualization of the energies gives me something to focus on other than whatever is annoying me.

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05 Oct 2016 16:22 #259836 by ren
Replied by ren on topic Dealing with Frustration
I deal with it. Either by modifying the object in some way or by replacing it.

And why is it seen as a problem anyway? It doesn't work, it has to be replaced. You might as well do the fun part of the recycling process yourself.

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05 Oct 2016 16:36 #259837 by Carlos.Martinez3
There is an old 80 s saying Garbage in Garbage out. I've been to the points in my life where actions define the individual. To be ready, Semper Paratus, I think is a great focus to have some days. I am usually ready with more different approaches than what I have been raised with. In those times of over stresses and overwhelming things I stop, I think about my focus, (adjust accordingly for example and identification. ) When I find my course was off, I simply re plot my course and got back on course. Same with my anger, hey... there it is... wow ok... well. let's let Carlos b angry but there's things that gotta be done. It's tough. It takes practice. It takes ACTUAL practice. Doing it, acting different during those times. Best part is bit can be a point of relief and release or a point of impass. It's up to us everyday how we act, cuz to me, that's what it is, how I act when I get frustrated. I let what's inside, out. Mindfulness is a great...(in Tony the tigers voice) greeeeeeeeeat way to combat and tame the beast.! Hope this gives a different view. Maybe he Living Force be with yall

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05 Oct 2016 17:15 #259844 by Brenna
Replied by Brenna on topic Dealing with Frustration

Ren thats long been one of my favorite moments in a movie EVER!

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet

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05 Oct 2016 17:31 - 05 Oct 2016 17:32 #259847 by Trisskar
Replied by Trisskar on topic Dealing with Frustration
I write stories or wash dishes depending on whats available and who it's involving. Doing productive things help to keep the mind from clinging onto the frustrations and in the case of stories it helps to put things into perspective....Much like a personal Jimminiy Cricket XD Your characters tend to talk to you with internal dialouge

"Hey stupid. Chill out! You think that was bad? Try battling a sea monster (Gauleel) for real! Or, Remember that werewolf you made me fight? Pah! Your issues pale in comparison! Go apologize or something..."

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05 Oct 2016 17:36 #259848 by Wescli Wardest

carlos.martinez3 wrote: There is an old 80 s saying...

Dang, now I feel old. :blink:

LOL :laugh: :P

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07 Oct 2016 01:49 #260038 by baru
Replied by baru on topic Dealing with Frustration
STop, breath and reset. if that does not work, go for a walk. I do my best to shift the energy.

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07 Oct 2016 02:06 #260040 by Manu
Replied by Manu on topic Dealing with Frustration
Whenever it's an inanimate object frustrating me, I'll swear that thing into submission. :laugh:

My line of work requires me to deal with customers complaining, and the strategy that works the best is simply listening and empathising. It works wonders to remember that I'm just the scapegoat, so insults just bounce right off me.

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