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I have explored this option before for another idea with the Knights, every email account I found had some way of finding the IP addresses of those who had logged into it, otherwise we would have already made such an account. The only way to really do it (unless someone knows of an anyonymous email service) is for someone to just make a new email account and use that which isn't really a bad idea.

Well, sure....

And the screen wasnt opaque in the confessional either...

If someone REALLY doesnt want anyone to know, then not telling anyone else is the only truly effective way...

I have many emails forwarded to my main email, and I just checked, and the forwarded email doesnt have IP addresses on it...

Not that I can see, lol...

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04 Nov 2015 19:16 - 04 Nov 2015 19:19 #207626 by tzb
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This is still pinned here... was a conclusion ever reached about what's going on with it?

I kind of hate the idea of a person in crisis trawling all 10 pages of this pinned thread looking for some hotline address which isn't there... perhaps it could be unpinned or retitled (add "Ideas for a" at the start) to avoid that possibility?
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04 Nov 2015 19:17 #207627 by Edan
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Agreed... perhaps we should have a new thread with a complete list of all the links and hotlines posted here... leave this thread for discussion.

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15 May 2018 08:52 #321666 by Zenith Felwood

Jestor wrote:

RyuJin wrote: I'm thinking we should pin this (if it hasn't been already) along with info for military members dealing with ptsd...and maybe an updated list of our ordained clergy members...

I really like this

We have a list here...:)


If you find yourself absent from this list, please contact a Councillor...:)

Sorry, I do respect this comment but I just really need to point out anyone can get ptsd not just military...

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15 May 2018 12:04 #321672 by Carlos.Martinez3
Very true .

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