Post Traumatic Stress

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PTSD is one hurdle that many share. There are many treatments based on the triggers and severity.
Start your treatment follow up with your doctor as reqired. It will help in the long run.

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25 Apr 2012 11:16 #57730 by Desolous
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wow, looks like you chose a good forum in which to ask your question on the topic. i have read over all these responses, and they all are valid. you can take parts from each and cobble together your own approach, or just start on a therapist or doctor defined path to wellness. but PTSD can be contained, controlled, lived with. i know, i am ex army who now works in the mental health field in consumer peer support which includes this very topic.

i see it a good bit, sometimes even from the old dudes at the legion who havent been in the service for decades. maybe a flag ceremony, a remembrance of the dead, something like that that we would find innocuous is enough to dredge up things half forgotten and better left alone. and yes, its hard. damn hard sometimes, to have to live with it or even just to try to help with it. know that, obviously, there are those you can talk to about it. rely on these that you can trust, be they friends, family, church, whoever, to build a support network. take it day by day. ah, i am rambling. all of this has already been said.

but yes, you can and will survive.

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29 Apr 2012 00:24 #58220 by SenseiMitPen
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Wow, to tell the truth I am a little amazed at the number of responses.

I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support while I recover from my sexual assault, and I am very glad to see this post get a life of its own. I still have nightmares about the assault as well as the untimely tragic death of my daughter but I am taking things a day at a time and trying to not allow the darker events in my past to destroy my spiritual progress.

To everyone else with PTSD, I am truly sorry for what ever event caused it, and while not wishing to butt into your lives in any negative way, If anyone needs help simply ask for it.

Thank you all so much.

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29 Apr 2012 16:35 #58286 by Planet of Chaos
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Well, people tend to think of medical cannabis as really just an excuse to get high. There are a whole list of different maladies that proponents claim it treats.. I was surprised, however, when I found a petition on the White house government website, of all places, for allowing veterans of war to use medical cannabis to treat PTSD. Wow! Attitudes have really come around! My father has PTSD and is a vet. He would never use cannabis because of the stigma he's been fed his entire life... But I think he needs it! lol

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29 Apr 2012 23:25 - 29 Apr 2012 23:25 #58325 by Harvestpaw
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I was diagnosed with PTSD at the age of 4 after my mothers death involving a car accident I was involved in. It's been incredibly difficult to live with and has affected my relationship with women throughout my entire life. I have some major trust issues due to it and have just begun to get a real handle on it.

There's no real cure for the trauma many of us have suffered but there is hope. We can get more control over it and learn to fight against it.

Meditation seems to really help me. As well as other peaceful and positive constructive activities like writing or painting.

I truly wish you the best. Do not give up hope.

May the Force be with you.
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03 Aug 2016 05:20 #250581 by SenseiMitPen
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updates and such

I'm pleased to see that this post has a life of its own and that so many people are willing to share their stories.

honestly its in sharing what ever happened that true healing can begin. I congratulate many of you on your first steps in recovering from what ever trauma occurred.

as for my own journey; I'm still having a few issues involving personal safety and I'm very aware that I've been able to use the feelings of being fundamentally unsafe at all times in order to fuel my journey through martial arts and how I teach self defense.

I survived the sexual assault in '04; I survived being stabbed in '98; I survived a lot of deaths. and my own fractured relationship with God has been a bit of an issue of late, but every day is a gift and the sun will come out soon!

keep on keeping on all!

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14 Aug 2016 12:11 #252207 by Sulabri
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I'm a combat veteran and have my share of PTSD, and one thing I learned from working with first responders and even others in life is that it is not only a veteran thing. You brought up a special thing I noted, a fractured connection with God. I have been rebuilding mine for awhile now and I found several things to help me.

1: Make a list of those that hurt you, and forgive each of them for the hurts they have done.
2: At the top of that list, add your name and forgive yourself.
3: Separation from God, once realized, can be a choice. Renew your bond.

Now this of course is a generalized short list. I'm still working on it and I found making the list tremendously painful ... emotionally speaking, as I tend to relive some of those hurts and struggle with wanting to forgive those that hurt me. But I realize that every hurt I hold onto, every person I do not forgive.... I let their hurt live on within me. Thus their actions echo within me, hurting me over and over again.... and to forgive is divine (so the saying goes), so I decided to Forgive the hurts done to me. I say it is a work in progress as slowly listing the hurts done and truly forgiving each takes me time.

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