Post Traumatic Stress

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29 Feb 2012 18:25 - 01 Mar 2012 15:45 #52015 by SenseiMitPen
Post Traumatic Stress was created by SenseiMitPen
Wasn't sure what to call this.

My goal is to simply ask advice and share a bit more about myself. ( some facts are extremely personal so please no jokes or disrespect)

I am wondering the Jedi opinion on treatment for PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder)?

I am not a veteran of a war. I am not a pro-fighter. I like to think of myself as a peaceful man, a caring man. I personally think my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness which is that I create empathetic connections with everyone I encounter. I am according to my friends an Empath.
I have been in a few bad spots in my life before; I have seen friends hurt by others and when I intervened on their behaves I have seen my efforts go unnoticed. I have also personally experienced every form of assault ( physical assault, emotional abuse " mind games" as well as rape) iin my 26 years on this planet: ( for the record no member of my family has ever harmed me in anyway)

Due to this I have recently been officially diagnosed with P.T.S.D. And I am curious as to any help/ advice I can gain from my fellow brothers and sisters in the force.

Please don't go out of your way, I am doing very well given the circumstances, simply curios as to the Jedi opinion.
Thank you. MTFBWY
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29 Feb 2012 18:59 #52020 by Alethea Thompson
Well, according to an acupuncturist in the Jedi Community, they are using acupuncture at Ft. Sam Houston now to treat PTSD. You might try that avenue in conjunction with a good therapist. If you are anywhere near Franklin, TN-I know a good one...which is saying something, I do not often say that I like any psychologists (even thought I'm getting my own degree in the subject so I can become a counselor...or maybe even a therapist, I'm still early in the education process)

Before you pick out a therapist, interview them and see if their style/personality is compatible with your own (knowing that sometimes they are going to say something you don't want to hear-but you have to...if they are the type to talk you around in circles because they want to avoid saying something that might offend you).

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana

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29 Feb 2012 20:25 #52033 by War Beauty
Replied by War Beauty on topic Post Traumatic Stress somebody who has/had PTSD I understand your situation perfectly.

And i'm going to be totally honestly, brutally so, about living with it. PTSD is not something an amount of therepy can just work away. Certainly, with the right council, they can help you manage the more severe side effects. But those haunting memories will never leave.

When you struggle to come to terms with what you feel, it feels like the most degrading soul ripping experience. You feel weak, you feel powerless, you feel like there won't be an ever after. And it drives you crazy. Your mood changes, your sleep changes, your body changes. And no matter what anyone says it's never good enough to slay those inner demons.

But the good news is you can find peace. You can have your soul be at rest and enjoy life again. It's always coldest before the sunrises :)

If you ever need a friendly ear just PM me. :) the struggle is hard, but the inner peace is worth it.

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29 Feb 2012 20:47 #52037 by Red Lila
Replied by Red Lila on topic Post Traumatic Stress
Likewise, as someone else on the had/still-sort-of-has I can also affirm War Beauty knows what she's talking about and am equally available if you need to talk ^_^

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01 Mar 2012 15:26 #52120 by Leena
Replied by Leena on topic Post Traumatic Stress
I too was diagnosed with PTSD almost 5 years ago. I have just learned to deal with it. The flashbacks are all but gone. The only part I have been left with is the insomnia which is still problematic at best. Hence I am up at midnight on TOTJO working on clerical training and answering this post even knowing that I have work tomorrow. I will just be honest and say mine came from a rape situation. This isn't so people feel sorry for me or whatever. It's just to help explain my process. I took risks. I faced my sheer terror of dating again and did it. I was hurt, but I had great experiences in the process and while I still feel shudders of fear when alone with a man, it's a lot less and I can manage and stay calm. Master War Beauty is correct as far as the memories and also about finding peace by coming to terms with what happened. Meditation has helped me with finding peace as has just becoming a Jedi. The peace and community I have found here is incredible. Some possibilities sound weird, but work well. For example, whatever it is that you believe about yourself due to those memories, tell yourself your truth. Mine was "I'm unclean." Another was "Men can't be trusted." I say that I am worthy and that the love of my life is out there. I am also available if you'd like to talk.

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02 Mar 2012 00:24 #52140 by Phortis Nespin
Replied by Phortis Nespin on topic Post Traumatic Stress
I am in a job that brings me in contact with PTSD patience usually at their worst moments. I am an EMT and was a Paramedic for 20+ years now. In my business we have members that will end up with PTSD from all that we see and deal with. I have seen guys that I thought were rocks, fall apart over simple calls that they may have been on a thousand times.

My only advice, there is ALWAYS someone willing to listen! We ALL need someone to listen to us. There are so many public agencies to call, hospitals, counselors or doctors. Most of all and probably the best is your friends. You know, the ones that don't judge or point fingers. This is what I see is the most common trait of the PTSD patience I see. They don't know who to talk to, or don't talk because they are ashamed of themselves.

Please talk and remember you are not alone.

May The Force Guide You and Keep You Safe!

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02 Mar 2012 02:55 #52146 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Post Traumatic Stress
while PTSD isn't a military exclusive thing, as ex-military i've seen quite a few guys suffer from it while others seem to not be affected at all...even myself, i've seen and experienced some pretty messed up things both during military service and out of service yet those things never really bother me...for a day or two i may have trouble sleeping as i process it but then i put it away and move on. it's unfortunate that there are people that have difficulty getting past traumatic events...

i've always tried to lend others my strength when dealing with such things as i can't sit back and feel their pain and suffering without being partly affected(empathy can be a hassle like that).

as phortis said there is always someone willing to listen and help

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24 Apr 2012 23:20 #57662 by Nykyrian
Replied by Nykyrian on topic Post Traumatic Stress
PTSD is indeed a hard thing to overcome. I've seen it from many friends from abuse, to things from War, and even rational fears of driving a car because of a accident. Meditate on thoughts of peace, what makes you happy, and determine your triggers. Find the source and slowly ease your way out of the fear. Embrace it, but not fully. Finding the trigger can help you find ways to release your anxiety, or anger in more proper forms. Tai Chi and yoga helps, next to exercise and meditation. I hope you are doing well.


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24 Apr 2012 23:42 - 24 Apr 2012 23:44 #57670 by Bleez Lunadea
Replied by Bleez Lunadea on topic Post Traumatic Stress
Towards the end of last year I was diagnosed with
PTSD. I tried therapy and it definitely did not help. I just simply would not open up about the causes behind my said "disorder". I was prescribed medication for it but I never opted to take it. Now here recently I have come to terms with the fact that I do in fact have a problem. The PTSD has rapidly increased with in the past few months. I feel it's time I try the medication but I'm looking for some one who has taken medication for it and if it actually helped. I don't like taking something or having to depend on a medication though if it really does help then I'm willing to go for it.
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25 Apr 2012 00:43 #57681 by csmith
Replied by csmith on topic Post Traumatic Stress
I work as a corpsman in the Navy. I see marines and sailors with PTSD on a regular basis. I wish there was a cure, because some of these guys really want to be in the service, and they can't stay in because every time the hear a loud noise the flip out. I have also watched more than a few sink into the depths of alcoholism and drug abuse to beal with their pain. A large portion of the drug and alcohol problems are the result of PTSD going untreated.:dry:

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