90 Day Challenge -- Join Me!

03 Nov 2017 03:45 - 03 Nov 2017 03:45 #305321 by Locksley

I did this at the beginning of last year, and it was extremely helpful so I'm returning to it. The idea is simple: pick two or three things to accomplish every day for 90 days. They don't need to be super strenuous and difficult -- in fact they should probably be tailored so that they're things you can actually complete. This is more about forming a habit than demanding perfection. I'll be starting my 90 challenge tomorrow (November the 3rd), and I'd love to see some more people join in!

In order to help give us a sense of accountability, and help us feel some connection with each other, I set up a simple Google Form that we can fill out at the end of each day (or whenever we accomplish our daily goal). Here's the link to that: goo.gl/forms/5bbljzu2ZLNCtsuh2

My Goals:
  • Complete at least one Sun Salutation and one Tai Chi form each day (to be modified to something comparable if my health dips again).
  • Meditate for Five Minutes each day.

  • I hope to see some of you joining me! :)
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    Great idea. Since 2 months have passed how is your challenge going?

    Last year on my birthday I didn't challenge me but I gave myself the present of time to meditate every day at least 30 mins. Now more than a year later I still take this time cause it was a present :) I regard this time same important as time I set aside for work, family or friends. So if people say do you have time at this moment I say sorry already planned something.

    PS normally I do this in the morning at 5:30 am so its not so easy to disturb

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