Foods to prevent UTI

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Foods to prevent UTI was created by edfrancis
Foods you can eat to prevent UTI

1.Avoid foods and drinks rich in sugar. Reduce the intake of sugar, soft drinks, concentrated sweet fruit drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
2.Other foods to avoid are processed foods, spicy foods, fats, dairy products, red meats and shellfish. These foods are acid-forming (not to be mistaken with acid tasting food like the citrus fruits). Acidity formed from these foods increase the bacterial infection.
3.Eat fermented foods yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough breads and apple cider vinegar.
4.Drink juices high in vitamin C especially grapefruit.
5.Eat foods high in vitamin A .
6.Foods high in zinc may also help by producing white blood cells and eliminating bacteria. Some of the best sources of zinc are oysters, ginger, beef liver, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, egg yolks, peanuts, oats, almonds.
7.Drink cranberry juice.
Drink a glass of fresh cranberry or blueberry juice first thing in the morning and wait at least half an hour before you have something to eat. This drink is helpful for prevention of UTI.

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27 Oct 2017 12:53 #304902 by Cyan Sarden
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Acidity in the urine won't make bacterial infection worse - it keeps bacteria from causing more harm (by preventing the latter from attaching to the urethra). Spicy foods fight bacterial infections.

Apart from that most of what you said is general good practice in maintaining your health - reducing sugar and carbs will reduce inflammation anywhere in the body. Red meats are known to cause bowel cancer. Shellfish is good for you, as long as you choose organically grown ones that don't contain growth hormones and antibiotics residues. Vitamin A is ok as long as you don't smoke. If you do, it's known to increase lung metabolism and causes lung cancer to grow faster. B-vitamins have lately been suspected to do the same.

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