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25 Oct 2017 07:04 #304756 by basselstine
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Good morning!

As the name of the topic suggests I'm here to give out free advice about anything health related. Why would anyone listen to me? Well I did my undergraduate studies at the York University (I'm Canadian by the way) in Kinesiology. After that I got my Personal Training Certification from CPTN ( ) and NASM ( ). From there I went into a more specific role and received my certification in Post-Rehabilitation from CPTN and also became a Corrective Exercise Specialist from NASM.

I got tired of the industry because its all about money. No matter what I would recommend for my clients, my bosses all wanted me to push other products that I did not believe would help them. It left an awful taste in my mouth and I left the industry. When I was with my clients I felt like I was doing something positive in my community. But now that I've changed career paths entirely, I no longer have that feeling. I want to get back out there and start helping people out again.

So here are the rules:
1) Due to insurance purposes with my certifications, I cannot build an entire workout routine for you. But I can help you tweak yours.
2) Due to insurance purposes with my certifications, I cannot specifically tell you HOW to do any exercises over the internet (but that doesn't mean I can't point you to resources that can)
3) Private messages are preferred (it's easier for me to track), but if you want to post everything in the forum I would be fine with that too.
4) As you've probably seen before: Before you start any workout routine, please consult with your physician if it is safe for you to do so!
5) I'm not responsible for you injuring yourself!

Aside from that I'm game to talk about anything.

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04 Dec 2017 00:38 - 04 Dec 2017 00:39 #307485 by thichtamcu108
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Still offering advice?
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11 Jan 2018 06:44 #311802 by willybilly30
Replied by willybilly30 on topic Free Advice
I didn't read all that is that ok lol. I have a problem with wanting to do a bunch of stuff but, never really making it past one day. guess i need motivation, will power or something. got any advice?

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