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15 Jul 2017 02:17 #290945 by Adder

ReallyRiver wrote: Well... Ultimately, then is now is later, yeah? So, to use the original example, me sitting up straighter in this moment improves my physical health across all moments, including this one. Because even though our puny mortal minds experience time click by click, that's just because we aren't grand enough to understand reality.

I believe there's always some kind of immediate pay off anyway, even in our sense of time. Sit straight now for benefits now, then, and later. It really does improve digestion, breathing, evacuation, and back/neck/head pain as soon as you do it, with greater benefits the more you do it.

Posture, absolutely!! The hips are like the 'seat' for me, or in SW lightsaber talk the hilt, with the spine being the blade... the spine is part of the brain in a very real way, and in terms of physical manipulation - brain health is as close to mental/spiritual health as we can get and so posture is cradling the brain for optimal performance!!

Next level for me is hydration as the medium for that 'light' to spread throughout the whole body and cleanse impurities, and all that is fed by gut flora as the proverbial ''crystal' radiating the actual special component of the light... which is a bit confusing since the crystal sits in the hilt so perhaps the whole body is the hilt and ones thoughts and actions the blade :D

IMO the idea being if the body and mind have less obstructions in optimal function then the now can be more fully experienced, the future more easily 'seen', and the past more easily made accurate and useful.

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