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23 Jun 2017 17:46 #288419 by Deusk
Nutrition and Sleep was created by Deusk

I just thought I would share my life experience in the areas of health and wellbeing that I think any Jedi might benefit from, and should align with all of the Jedi principles.

I am a former professional athlete and nutritionist, and was lucky enough to be raised in a very idyllic north-american-bhuddist home.

I will try to put these couple life lessons I have learned in point-form (without too much explanation) and I will answer any questions that anyone might have.

1. Proper sleep is THE most important thing to live a healthy life. Tibetan-Bhuddist Meditation is the best way to work on improving your sleep that I have encountered. Link:

2. Diet is more important than exercise for general health. Having been a HUGE meat-eater and then switching to a smart Vegan/Vegetarian diet (lots of protein from Beans/Chick-peas/lentils etc. and also supplementing Vitamin D and B12), without being too crazy about it and having the occasional fish and/or other meats approximately once per month. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my cardiovascular health and even after retiring from sports and being basically sedentary for years, I can go out and do strenuous physical activity and feel less "out of breath" than I did when I was training full-time!
The 'Forks Over Knives' documentary is what originally got me to make this change, and I couldn't find the whole documentary for free on YouTube but this is close:

3. Exercise is still important and very good, but should be secondary in importance to both proper sleep and/or eating healthy. I am still planning on getting a Standing-Desk to improve this aspect of my post-athletic life.

May the Force be with You.

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23 Jun 2017 20:55 #288433 by ReallyRiver
Replied by ReallyRiver on topic Nutrition and Sleep
Super interested in the nutrition topic; thanks for posting!

I've studied at both Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and find it all fascinating. I'm great at seeing hurdles and solution ideas for others but absolutely stinks at it in regards to myself, even when I'm working with someone else.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this thread :)

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