The 21 day Daniel Fast

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Sven One wrote: My self personally is I am interested in becoming possibly a vegan and alot of the foods on the Daniel fast is vegan friendly. Secondly, Daniel Fasting in the Bible and I want to fast to get closer in my spiritual walk with the living FORCE. Lastly, I want to lose some weight. Now, I know there are other options other than this one and I know it's based off The Bible and I am sure that is getting a lot of questions of why a Jedi would be doing that but, these are my reasoning's.

I just fasted about 5 days last week and I barely felt any hunger. I did it purely for health reasons. I read that for the first 3 days or so you might feel hungry but then after that you're good. I'm simply consuming too many calories. I do mostly weight lifting at the gym, but I'm finding it hard to get rid of the spare tire. I'm drawn to fasting due to ketosis and metabolism. I can't completely cut out all the foods I like but I'm sure I can fast intermittently and maybe eat solid foods every other day and have fruit juices and smoothies in between. And I may adjust the length of the fasting based on how much weight I need to lose because honestly I feel like a camel who never uses its hump. I never really get hungry anymore because I'm always eating on schedule and I've gotten to the point where I have acid reflux which sux.

If you ever decide to do a 7-day fast let me know and I'll do it with you.

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My weigh-in on the idea of fasting:

In the Baha'i Faith (which I am a member of) there is an annual Fast. For 19 days, from sunrise to sunset, nothing passes the lips; not even water. It's meant as a reminder that one is a spiritual being and that it's too easy to get attached to physical things we think we need but don't really.

One of the things that exempts one from observing the Fast is being medically unfit for it. That's me. So each year in the days leading up to the Fast I think about what I might sacrifice that would serve the same purpose: processed sugars, the internet, Facebook, drinks aside from water.... whatever feels both sacrificial and like a reminder of my true, spiritual essence.

I find it both very difficult and very rewarding :)

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