Deconstructing Anxiety and Constructing Identity

27 Mar 2017 17:44 #279213 by Proteus

Akkarin wrote:

Adder wrote: The first one just seems to talk about how our brain can process our footprint through time, and I presume that how that manifests as anxiety is a combination of the amount of variability in that footprint, and the manner in which we've been bought up to understand the possible range of behaviors.

In English there is a distinction between past, present and future unlike in some languages such as Mandarin. One effect of this is to make Mandarin speakers more likely to save money for the future, because there is no mental distinction between then and now unlike for English speakers.

That has always been something that has intrigued me about the Mandarin language. I often imagine what the English language might be like if certain ideas of words were taken out or reframed in a way that could improve a person's chances of being more emotionally and mentally stable with the processes of their reality as they can see it. Thanks for pointing that out!

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