Bipolar Disorder

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07 Aug 2016 17:34 - 07 Aug 2016 17:35 #251188 by den385
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I have anxious depression (maybe it's bipolar, but I've been manic only a couple of times in my life, when I had deep spiritual insights, so perhaps no).

My position is that depression is just symptome of spiritual trauma - but maybe it's just my case.

I have work goals and I read books for work - self-education on programming and maths. When I don't have resources for self-education, I read non-fiction or, rarely, fiction.

@Ryder, can you read something for work? Or watch? Perhaps, Coursera or some other online continuous education platform may be an option, if you have a direction to study on.
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14 Aug 2016 12:03 #252206 by Sulabri
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I have what is considered "Military Grade" Bipolar, which is bipolar brought on due to combat stress/events. I take medication on a regular basis and the hardest part is taking your meds when you are feeling good.... or even great. But that is when it is the most important time to take them! Anyways... for us Bipolar people, you need to have real and tangible goals, or you will flounder into deep depression.

When you set a goal, even if you do not feel like it.... you need to compete with yourself and not let those goals beat you. Get those goals done and do that work out. Working out will help lessen the ups and downs you experience. I am available if you need any help or if anyone needs any help or ideas.

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