So, I really hate exercise..

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28 Jul 2016 17:05 #249817 by Mindas Arran
Replied by Mindas Arran on topic So, I really hate exercise..
Ever tried boxing? I'm not really keen on running (I do it anyways, if I have music), and get bored with the slow actions in yoga and taiji (even though there is no denying its benefits). Still, boxing is fast paced, good for defense, and a ton of fun. Here's a bag, here's some gloves. Now punch the $%^$% out of it. Good times, for sure.

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28 Jul 2016 17:10 #249818 by Connor L.
Replied by Connor L. on topic So, I really hate exercise..
What's your goal for exercise?

You will exercise when you have a reason to do so. And, if your only reason is to stay healthy (meaning, you don't want to build a bunch of muscle, you don't need to lose weight or anything), then there's probably no method better than simply walking for an hour or so a day. Getting in your 4-5 miles/10000 steps/etc. is a fairly arbitrary thing, but you can do a lot of other things during the time. You can listen to a podcast. You can read a book (carefully, on a treadmill or something). You can also get a pedometer and incorporate it into your day.

As long as you get your heart rate up a little (not even to the point where you can't hold a conversation), then you are getting the cardio work you need done. You will have amazing health benefits without really even breaking a sweat. If you do sweat like a dog, you're working too hard for this particular technique.

Now, if you do have a specific goal (other than general health), then find an activity that will guarantee those results. The results will be motivation enough to keep you from "hating" the exercise too much.

When I step on the scale and realize my hour of walking everyday could help me lose up to an extra pound a week (I'm very overweight), I really don't hate getting up in the mornings and doing it. :D

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28 Jul 2016 17:24 #249825 by Khaos
Replied by Khaos on topic So, I really hate exercise..

Edan wrote: In some of the time I've been away from TOTJO I stopped running because I was feeling pretty rubbish and going to the gym was not helping this in the slightest.

What I've discovered however is that I really really really really really really hate exercise. It's not laziness, because if I'm having a good day on a weekend I'll walk for miles, but everyday the last thing I want to do is get hot and sweaty and achy.

I hate running, it was just the lesser of all evils, and I actually like having my evenings back where I don't have to go to the gym and lose two hours each night.

But now I have an issue where I'm doing nothing (apart from a bit of yoga).

People often laud team sports as an alternative, but I don't have anyone to play sport with (at least anyone who wants to, and I'm not keen anyway).. and joining a club of any kind is a no because of the cost.

So now I'm stuck... do I just suck it up and do something I hate? Or any ideas? I really have no clue.

Play more, exercise less.

If you make it work, it is work.

What physical activities do you like to do for fun?

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28 Jul 2016 17:30 #249828 by Luthien
Replied by Luthien on topic So, I really hate exercise..
I also hate running. In fact, one of the few times I do, it's because of military testing requirements. Other than that, I scarcely run. I've found that high-intensity, short-timed workout sessions do many things for me that running doesn't, including:

- None of the workouts last more than 30 minutes (20 minutes, on average).
- Strength and endurance increases.
- Most of the exercises are bodyweight (lower impact on joints).
- End up feeling beat, yet refreshed.
- Only three workouts per week.
- Metabolism gets a boost.
- Wastes less time; more time for rest and recovery (my favorite).

Of course, I can only vouch for this as anecdotal, since not everybody's body functions in the same capacity. I'll just say that I was doing poorly, fitness-wise (Satisfactory, nearly Unsatisfactory for my fitness test), and after three months of focused intensity, I got an Excellent rating for my next fitness test; no running involved. Take it as you will. I hope this helps. If you need any ideas for workouts, let me know. :)

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28 Jul 2016 20:57 #249859 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic So, I really hate exercise..
How do you define 'fit'. Cardio health or 'fit for purpose' functional strength. I think the former is a more common interpretation of fitness, so....I love this, just 6 minutes a week!!! I've posted it on the 'Wall' here before, and best to get a Doc to check your health first probably;

I use one of those elliptical trainer things for this, because the full effort can engage legs, core, arms, back and most importantly posture.

Also I'm supplementing inulin to burn off visceral fat and assist the digestion of the mandatory strict healthy diet. Well relatively strict... not for vanity mind you, but health and longevity. I also do some resistance work on the main muscle groups - our power comes from our legs and butt, the core holds our brain/spine up, and obviously more generally the muscle tone and movement keeps the body working as advertised longer.

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28 Jul 2016 21:40 #249861 by Trisskar
Replied by Trisskar on topic So, I really hate exercise..
I've gotten more fitness + fun = Healthy Results by playing Pokemon Go :) There are other apps out there too. Zombie Hunter....or....something like that. I never tried them, but I hear it's a great way to direct your focus towards a play mentality rather than a "OH MY GOD this Sucks!!!" mentality :-p

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31 Jul 2016 02:31 #250130 by AetherWinds
Well, seems like you've been getting a lot of ideas thrown your way already, but here's some more haha...
Absolutely anything that gets you active could count towards helping you exercise, even if it's just a teeny bit. Gardening, hanging out the washing, maybe getting a dog walking job. Randomly getting up every 10-15 mins and doing a few jumping jacks or stretches.
There's a site called Superbetter which might help too, it game-ifys the process of exercising/anything for self-improvement. :)
I don't know much about you, but maybe if your diet could do with a small clean-up (less processed foods/sugars, more fruit/veg, drinking plenty of water etc) then maybe that'll help your body handle exercise better and you won't hate it quite as much.

Good luck with your journey, and MTFBWY :)

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01 Aug 2016 02:09 - 01 Aug 2016 02:51 #250256 by OB1Shinobi
i dont know any way to avoid the sweaty and achy aspects of working out but i DO know that high intensity interval training aka HIIT can reduce the amount of time you have to spend working out

its a way of exercising, rather than a particular excercise or set of exercises

the basic principle is to sustain a very high level of effort for a predetermined amount of time, really get your heart rate up, then slow down for a short period of active recovery so the heart rate can drop a bit, and then repeat the sequence

the abbreviated version is that this spiking/plummeting of intensity and heart rate, kicks the metabolism into overdrive for more time, even after the workout, than the more traditional "steady state" or "steady pace" exercise

i use a jumprope because its better exercise than running, its easier on the knees, and i dont have to go anywhere, but you can apply the principle to basically any kind of workout

heres an article


heres a session with a trainer whose energy seems pretty nice, incorporates yoga into the workout, and has an assistant demonstrating "beginner" versions of the moves

i dont know if anything in this thread has helped you but i hope so
good luck Edan

People are complicated.
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01 Aug 2016 09:16 #250284 by Akkarin

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01 Aug 2016 09:19 #250286 by MartaLina
Replied by MartaLina on topic So, I really hate exercise..
This can off course also be done with Wodka or Whiskey and for the healthy peeps water will do ;)

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