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02 Aug 2016 20:05 #250527 by Leah Starspectre
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I'm thinking more of a society-wide thing. Obviously, individuals can change, but can civilizations change?

Will it be more common to have a more flexible kind of sexuality in the future as minds are forced open by the discoveries to come?

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02 Aug 2016 20:08 - 02 Aug 2016 20:10 #250530 by Trisskar
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Leah Starspectre wrote: I blame BioWare for all of this :P

*Quickly hides werewolf "fan art" under pillow*

Ummmm...... *Shifty eyes*.......Wha? Oh! Sexuality evolve? Well....Yea :whistle:

Joking aside. Its not Sexuality that has and will evolve. It is how humans perceived moral judgments that will evolve. I think alot of people here would find my...."Attractions".... to be weird and perhaps even a little "out there" or "Not at all for them" But that is there perceived moral judgments and Right. Just as mine are mine :) given a few years.....socially accepted morals will shift. It already has for a number of things that were once, not too long ago, Taboo.
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02 Aug 2016 22:33 #250565 by Alexandre Orion
Replied by Alexandre Orion on topic Sex Talk and Q & A
There's a thread for School of Life short lessons, but this seems more like the appropriate place for this one :

Be a philosopher ; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.
~ David Hume

Chaque homme a des devoirs envers l'homme en tant qu'homme.
~ Henri Bergson
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03 Aug 2016 04:46 #250576 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Sex Talk and Q & A
I tend towards trying not to define people by things they have no control over, their reproductive bits being no exception... and so if we're talking about relationships between peoples spirit, then the body seems only relevant so far as its a vehicle for their expression of that spirit.

I guess the question is what are you having sex with, characters in a fantasy, or the energy of the other person. The attributes of ones body, like sex, would have a high importance in the former but marginal in the later, IMO.

So I think sex then falls within a special category of interpersonal relationships which are usually restricted in terms of infection control (its obviously a bit messy) and establishing permanency in emotional connection (eg oxytocin which is said to increase with orgasm, has been shown to strengthen social bonding and trust).

Both of those things lend themselves to a measure of privacy, which helps limit the impact society has... but when it comes to partnering, that extends to all parts of ones live both private and social. I think social expectations of relationships will always just be compared to whatever is considered familiar. Just gotta be careful not to confuse familiar with 'normal' because not only does it then start to imply abnormality for different but normal has a few different uses in things like statistics etc.

But who cares what others think? Except some peoples opinions we do care about, but again, are they relating to you as a person or you as part of some fantasy vision they had for you

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