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11 Jan 2021 12:38 - 11 Jan 2021 12:43 #357630 by Carlos.Martinez3
The first of every month- the first Monday I would love to invite those who are willing to wake up and start the month with meditation with me.
Every FIRST MONDAY i will wake in my time zone and meditate with the open invite for those to join me on that day. Cal it a Meditate with the Pastor call it what ever you want but I want to offer the ability to find me in meditation and to join me. I dont pray. I would love for those who do to pray with me. I dont practice every religion at the same time. I have my own personal balance but I can meditate while you do YOUR thing. In this day in age there are things going on that no one has control over. For everything else, I invite you to join me every FIRST MONDAY to meditation sessions. They wont be all together so when every YOU wake up in your schedule - join me there every month and post what ya find. We can do subjects together and even request's.

Tell me what yall think?\
Pastor Carlos

Post your ideas here or questions

Next session is at Feb 1 st see yall there hopfuly

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