Happy Birthday Temple!!!

18 Dec 2020 15:56 - 18 Dec 2020 18:48 #356988 by Carlos.Martinez3
This Dec 25 the is our 15 year Anniversary.
Use this space to say happy birthday to a place that can be experienced as much as you are willing! I am grateful for this place still standing and still slowing me to serve the people and loves represented here every day.
I'll link this to the sermon on the 25 of this month.

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18 Dec 2020 16:41 #356989 by Zeth Windwrecker
Our little TOTJO is 14 years old <3

I'm not giving it the birds and the bees talk, not it!

Thank you all for being here, and happy birthday to this place I call home.

Zeth Windwrecker

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18 Dec 2020 18:02 #356994 by Edan
Replied by Edan on topic Happy Birthday Temple!!!
15 years.... :)

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18 Dec 2020 18:15 #356995 by Zero
Replied by Zero on topic Happy Birthday Temple!!!
Happy birthday temple! Thank you for not acting like my teenagers!

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