Hosting a Jedi Gathering

27 Dec 2015 06:43 #216410 by Zephyrus
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Anybody can host a gathering.

Just a couple of things:
1. Make it where there are Jedi (or be popular enough that Jedi will come to you).
2. Make it affordable. The JFed Gathering for 2016 will be 200$ + travel... which for me could be another 100$ or so. Which, is pretty expensive. If you had a local gathering for 100$ without travel? I bet Jedi in the area would come.

I also believe in the "show up and set up shop" approach to gatherings. Where there's no planning and it's just friends getting together and training. Though, it doesn't always work (because people have families and work and such).

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27 Dec 2015 10:59 #216427 by MartaLina
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I would love to host an event , and with the 5 Jedi's here in the Netherlands i can even afford it loll , its all very relative if all the members are scattered around the world :laugh:

And also 200 dollars is not getting me to the States , i gather ( pun intended)

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