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18 Apr 2007 02:57 #1009 by Veritas
Graphics Committee was created by Veritas
Here is our Logo in three vectored formats thanks to Master Dunn . Anyone may contribute ideas and we have a CafePress Store so this is a chance to see your work on neat things.

This is an open contribution project and unless things change there is no chair or limit to 'members'.

This will aid the ID Card Committee since they'll need designs.

Br. John

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25 Apr 2007 03:01 #1289 by Justice
Replied by Justice on topic Graphics Committee
I like the image, but what does it symbolize? Has it's parts been defined or are we just going with it looks great? Being military, symbols we use for our units have meanings for each part of the symbol. That is why I ask....

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25 Apr 2007 03:04 #1290 by DAN
Replied by DAN on topic Graphics Committee
look at it jeff and what do you feel it means.

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02 May 2007 17:03 #1608 by Skweek
Replied by Skweek on topic Graphics Committee
if you look at the symbol:
it has black and white=the light and dark sides of the force

the 5-point star= TEXAS...hooyah
an inverted 5 point star= the Jedi code
16 point star= the 16 teachings

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