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17 Jun 2017 20:41 - 24 Jun 2017 20:02 #287873 by Rosalyn J
Good Timezone,

The Synod is looking for the right person to fill the post of Associate Pastor. Unlike previously, the Associate Pastor will be focused primarily on outreach. This will mean:

Direct Report: Pastor
Team lead for: Spiritual Care Team
Responsibilities include:
● Maintaining awareness of the tenor of the forum and the wall. Looking for themes that
demonstrate a need to have a conversation
● Facilitating roundtable discussions around “hot button” issues, or issues that have come
up in the past two weeks
● Providing outreach (via PM or chat, or both) to members without Training Masters so
that they can maintain their connection to the Temple and continue their training
● Providing assistance to those who we learn may be struggling with various aspects of life
● Other duties as assigned and related to the office

He or she will head up the Spiritual Care Team which will do the following:

Spiritual Care Team
Direct report: Assistant Pastor for Outreach
Responsibilities include:
● Assist the Assistant Pastor for Outreach in the discharge of their duties by:
○ Providing a regular presence of clergy in chat for confidant sessions
○ Looking through the forum and the wall to see who might be in need of spiritual
care and reaching out
○ Facilitating roundtable discussions related to “hot button” issues on the forum, in
the news, etc.
○ Providing outreach to our members with and without Teaching Masters (but with
particular attention on those without) on a regular basis (to be determined by the
AP for Outreach)


-Interested parties must be ordained members of the clergy (Deacon or higher)
-All interested parties should please follow this link: goo.gl/forms/3MXOFHCxIWLfwYGe2 to a short candidacy form.
-All candidacy forms should be in no later than 24 June 18:00 utc

Pax Per Ministerium
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20 Jun 2017 03:10 #288063 by Rosalyn J

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20 Jun 2017 04:03 #288067 by Rosalyn J
Please note: the process has changed. Please see the OP for further instructions

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22 Jun 2017 11:53 #288275 by Rosalyn J
Good morning

In my first meeting as Pastor I said the following

15:42:41] Rosalyn Johnson: Ladies and Gentlemen
[15:42:46] Rosalyn Johnson: I need to be frank
[15:43:22] Alexandre Orion: 'franche'
[15:43:24] Alexandre Orion: ;)
[15:43:26] Rosalyn Johnson: the two positions which will be left vacant are not things someone can just volunteer for
[15:43:28] Rosalyn Johnson: ok?
[15:43:48] Rosalyn Johnson: A certain level of grit is required in these roles
[15:44:20] Rosalyn Johnson: because you know what? Those two people will have excecutive power to direct the clergy in my absence
[15:44:40] Rosalyn Johnson: its really important that the right people for those jobs be found
[15:44:44] Rosalyn Johnson: another thing
[15:45:02] Rosalyn Johnson: As Pastor, I would be the person in charge of the vision for the clergy
[15:45:48] Rosalyn Johnson: but, I need a group of people who will make that vision plain
[15:45:53] Rosalyn Johnson: does it make sense?
[15:46:19] Rosalyn Johnson: I hope you don't mind if I say this, but I am not in any particular rush to fill those two spots

I stand by my statement that this position is important. I know what I need here. If strong candidates for this position are not found, I will postpone the election. It will mean functioning as we have been, but its better than appointing someone just because they've shown up. Historically that has been bad form. I don't wish to repeat it. I really need someone excellent here and I am prepared to wait untill excellence shows itself

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24 Jun 2017 20:01 #288519 by Rosalyn J
The Candidacy period has closed for this position. Two individuals submitted candidacy forms. The general clergy (which consists of ONLY LM and above) will be voting for one week after I receive permission to share applications

Thank you, Ros

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