Announcement - Changes to the taking of apprentices

29 May 2021 18:13 #360489 by Edan
Hello all,

This announcement is to inform you of the changes that have been made to the process for taking an apprentice.

The IP has a new lesson 9

This is a capstone essay of minimum 500 words. It is to help both Knights and Council understand the novice’s perspective of the IP journey and what they feel they have learnt. We also believe it will help novices consolidate their own feelings of their IP journey.

If a novice/initiate has completed the IP already, but is not yet an apprentice, they will need to complete this essay before they can be considered for apprenticeship.

In future this essay will be required before the rank of initiate can be granted.

Council will now consider requests for apprenticeship following the prospective TM’s completion of a petition for apprenticeship.

The purpose of the petition (which is in the format a form) is twofold. One, it means no knight will have to seek out their TM for permission for apprenticeship or be limited to their TM’s opinion on their readiness. Two, the form will help Council assess the readiness of an initiate and knight for apprenticeship and make clear the expectations on the knight.

Why has this changed?

All of us, Knights, Council, and Initiates, want to be sure that those who are entering into apprenticeships are a good match and have a good understanding of each other and the process. We believe that these changes will help facilitate effective and appropriate pairings so that those involved get the benefit of them.

The moratorium on new apprenticeships has now been lifted.

We thank you for your patience while we considered this.

We are practising Jedi, not perfect Jedi - Master Jestor
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