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To summarise:

Membership criteria - 30 days with an account, completed lesson 1 of the IP, submitted membership application
Novice - Member status, completed lesson 2 of the IP
Initiate - Member status/Novice, completed the IP

If you believe your rank is currently incorrect (either on the Temple site, or on Discord), please can you send me a message and let me know.
If you are a guest but do not have the 'guest' role on Discord, please also contact me.

If you have previously applied for membership and received a message from me that you were not successful, but now believe you have met the criteria, please also send me a message so I can process your application.

Thank you

Head Moderator | Membership Affairs

Walk slowly if you must

Current apprentices - Vampiric_Conure, Llama Su
House of Jestor

Solve et Coagula

Please contact me: moderator1 [at] templeofthejediorder.org
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