The Temple of the Jedi Order is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of fellow Knight Steve "Senan" Hay. He served in many capacities here at the Temple and will be missed sorely by all who had the pleasure of walking with him.

In celebration of the life he led and the lessons he taught us,

here are some of his published works:

Sermons                                                                                                           Share Your Thoughts 

No, But I have a Good Idea                                                                                  Senan 

On Being Genuine                                                                                               Live Service

Thoughts on Sacrifice and Bliss                                                                            Sunday, December 2, 2018

Nails in the Fence                                                                                              17:00 GMT in AJAX Chat

If Walls Could Speak                                                                                           When in your timezone?

A Harmonious Temple in a Chaotic World                                                             MORE INFO

The Wolf Pack                                                                                                   DONATE TO FIGHT COLON CANCER

To Be Thankful                                                                                                  DONATE TO SENAN'S GOFUNDME

Some Thoughts on Tradition, Yet Originality

Inequity, Iniquity, and Justice

Learn to Sleep Peacefully

Ego, Yet Humility Senan Concept

Whose Lives Do You Hold In Your Hands

Other Published Work

The Art of Senan