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Training Masters are those holding the rank of Knight and above. They help Novices through the Initiate Programme (IP) and take on Initiates as ApprenticesKnights have taken the Solemn Vow.

Knights at Temple of the Jedi Order

666 (Knight)

Adder (Knight)

Adhara (Knight)

Akkarin (Knight)

Alan (Knight)

Alexandre Orion (Master)

Angelus (Knight)

Archon (Knight)

Br. John (Grand Master)

Brian (Knight)

Brenna (Knight)

Cabur Senaar (Knight)

carlos.martinez3 (Knight)

Damion_Storm (Master)

Darren (Knight)

Desolous (Knight)

Firewolf (Senior Knight)

Jeffery Williams (Knight)

J. K. Barger (Knight)

J_Roz (Knight)

Jestor (Knight)

Karn (Knight)

Kit (Knight)

Kyber (Knight)

Loudzoo (Knight)

Neaj Pa Bol (Grand Master)

Phortis Nespin (Knight)

Proteus (Knight)

Rosalyn J (Knight)

Ryujin (Senior Knight)

Slydogstags (Knight)

tzb (Senior Knight)

V-Tog (Senior Knight)

Wescli Wardest (Knight)

Zanthan Storm (Master)

These Knights are considered to be on a Leave of Absence (LoA) or are currently inactive on the forum:

Cynthia (Knight)

Daniel L. (Master)

Elemental Harmony (Knight)

Garm (Senior Knight)

Jasper Ward (Master)

Justice (Master)

Kana Seiko Haruki (Grand Master)

Leandros Von (Knight)

LTK (Knight)

Mark Anjuu (Senior Knight)

MCSH (Knight)

Reliah (Knight)

Sarus (Senior Knight)

Tiamat (Master)