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Offices are positions of official responsibility within the Temple. Officers dutifully serve the Temple to ensure its smooth running. Offices require an Oath of Office.

The Councillors act as the general management (board of directors) as well as the Supreme Court to act and decide upon appeals. The Council is meant to provide a sense of direction without inhibiting the latitude that each Master, Knight and member deserves.

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Council Secretary
The Council Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day communications and record-keeping of the Council, manages and certifies Council votes, and serves as organizational and logistical support to the department heads as needed. Because the Temple is incorporated as a non-profit, the Council Secretary also serves as the corporate secretary.

Council Secretary: ren

Degree Administrator
The degree administrator is responsible for developing, monitoring, and evaluating the progress of members undergoing the degree system.

Degree Administrator: Ryujin

Education Administration
The Education Administration is a committee which is responsible for all of the Temples education, including the IP, the SIP, the Degree Scheme and the Seminary.

Head of the Education Administration: Alexandre Orion

Intake Officers
As soon as a member begins a journal, or makes an introductory post, the Intake Officer (as well as possible other members) will greet you. If you have questions, and do not know who else to ask, this officer (as any other member would) will be happy to answer your questions.

Head of Intake: Kobos

Intake Officers: River, Kira

Knight's Secretary
The Knight's Secretary is responsible for organizing and chairing the Knights' meetings, managing discussions and organising votes. Furthermore, the Knight's Secretary is a contact person for all Temple Members who wish to contact the Knights directly.

Knight's Secretary: TheDude

Assistant Knights SecretaryRex

The main focus of the Librarian is to ensure that information available on the Temple's website is kept up-to-date as well as ensuring that the Library contains relevant and useful resources.

Librarian: Loudzoo

Honourary title reserved for the longest serving members of the Temple.

Matriarch: Neaj Pa Bol

The Moderator is tasked with ensuring that participants on TotJO's forum and Chat abide by the appropriate behaviour and courtesy towards each other.

Head Moderator: Edan

Assistant Head Moderator: Zero

Moderator: Rex

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Pastor is a minister responsible for overseeing the spiritual welfare of the Temple. When the Pastor is unavailable, the Associate Pastor for Outreach is acting head of the clergy.

Pastor: Carlos.Martinez3

Associate Pastor: J. K. Barger

Assistant Pastor for the Seminary: Raxicorico

Assistant Pastor for Outreach: Vacant


Pastor Emeritus
Retired bishop awarded this honorary title for their services to the clergy and to the Temple.

Pastor Emeritus: Kana Seiko Haruki

In our case the President is the chief secular operations officer of the corporation and deals with legal affairs and keeping the corporation legal under Texas and Federal law. He files the reports with the state. The President also concerns himself with the structure of our Temple.

President: Br. John

Public Relations and Marketing Officers
The "Head of Public Relations and Marketing" co-ordinates the "Marketing Team" and acts as spokesperson for the Order. The "Marketing Team" is tasked with community building and informing the public about the Order.

Head of Public Relations and Marketing: Vacant

Public Relations and Marketing Assistants: Vacant

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Secretary for the Clergy
The Secretary for the Clergy is tasked with the day-to-day communication and secretarial tasks of the clergy such as contacting clergy members, making announcements, arranging schedules, filing reports and maintaining records.

Secretary for the Clergy: RosalynJ

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.g

Secretary for the Synod
The Secretary for the Synod is tasked with the day-to-day communication and secretarial tasks of the Synod such as filing reports, maintaining records and recording meetings.

Secretary for the Synod: Vacant


Security Officers
An invaluable service guaranteeing the Temple`s membership safety and image a high degree of credibility. Security Officers are persons of trust who can and should be contacted in the case of any anti-social or illegal activities. All contacts are treated seriously and confidentially.

Security Officers: position is now Head Moderator

Senior Pastor
Former Pastor who has retired from day-to-day activities but still oversees the spiritual welfare of the Temple.

Senior Pastor: Br. John

Special Interest Advisors
These are members that have particular experience with individual Special Interest Groups and have taken on the responsibility of providing help and guidance to those seeking information. If you have any questions about a specific Special Interest Group, the relevant Advisor will be happy to answer them.

Special Interest Advisor for the Pagan Special Interest Group: Kit
Special Interest Advisor for the Abrahamic Special Interest Group: Neaj Pa Bol
Special Interest Advisor for the Eastern Special Interest Group: RyuJin

Supplemental Initiate Programme Administrator
The SIP Admin provides additional lessons to Initiates.

Supplemental Initiate Programme Administrator: Carlos.Martinez3

Systems Administrator
Manages and maintains the web server and forum software that TOTJO runs on.

Systems Administrators: Ren

Temple Support
Provide administrator support to the Temple: RosalynJ

The treasurer is responsible for the management of the TotJO funds and paying for our hosting and related expenses.

Treasurer: Br. John

Youth Officers
Due to increasing interest shown by younger members and the potential vulnerability of such members, a youth officer (trusted members of our community) has the duty of accommodating for those under eighteen (18) years old. The youth officer is a person of trust who can be contacted in confidence on any issue. One important aspect of our youth work is the direction of discussion for under eighteen (18) year olds in the youth forum which can only be accessed after first talking with the Youth Officer.

Youth Officers: Skryym

Newsletter Editor
Editor of the 'TOTJO times' a regular newsletter provided by the Temple.

Editor: ZealotX