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The site is designed with three main elements; the header, main body and footer. The header and the footer are persistant areas which serve as places for menu items, which open into the main body area.
A greater selection of Temple administrative and organisational pages are linked to from text links listed in the footer. 
The header  has a menu system for more commonlt accessed pages to interact with the community, modify your profile or work on your training.


Two of the most commonly visited pages on a day to day basis are the Forum and the Wall, here shown in part shown normally loaded in the main body, with the header visible above them;






The header uses text links to pages of the site, but a few of them activate a floating mene. These are activitated by a 'mouse over' condition by hovering your mouse over the top of them, or can also be activated by a press on mobile device touchscreen.

Here are where and what the floating menu's are at the header;

1. Profile; Used to control your membership details and settings.

2. Contacts; Used to control your contact list for personal communications.

3. Forum; Used to view your activity at the Forum.

4. My TOTJO; Used to quickly access common areas. NB: Article Manager is only availble to Knights and above.


5. Forum; Used to access the Forum.


The footer is divided into two sections. The first provides informatino on and links to the latest Forum posts, Sermon Comments, and Sermons. The second part of the footer provides the text links to the administrative and organisational pages;


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