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Parkour - 3RUN

Instagram: SamParham Twitter: @SamParham
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SamParham1
Sam Parham -...
Instagram: SamParham Twitter: @SamParham
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SamParham1
Sam Parham - www.samparham.com
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Firstly thankyou for all the wonderful feedback so far!

Hope you enjoy.
The shots were recorded in Portsmouth, Basingstoke and London, UK.
This is an artistic Parkour piece, titled Poetry In Motion.
Directed and edited by Sam Parham - www.3run.co.uk
Filming by: Chase Armitage, Nathan Barris & Jay Pearson.
I sincerely hope you all enjoy, and please leave some feedback.
Music license permitted by: Conor Corrigan (Koriigahn)
- We stand now.
Myspace link: http://www.myspace.com/conorcorriganmusic

Part of the, Parkour, Free Running, Tricking and Acrobatics performance - 3RUN Action team. for more visit www.3run.co.uk!

Parkour - Poetry in Motion Text:
I walk on the Red Carpet of the Universe
To Converse between time and space,
Looking for a place to be free, a place that I see, what separates you from me.

I overcome my fears, facing them head on,
against every challenge I try to stay strong,

Sprinting I leap, hit the wall as I flow,
Then vault forwards to the ground below,
Leaping from rail to rail, the presents irrelevant,
So my eyes focus on the future, and determine the environment.

I hit the path with graceful pace,
beast the rail sweat dripping from my face.
I hit the bollard, and fly through the air,
an explosion of movement, wind streaming through my hair.

My surroundings are a blur, so my senses must sharpen,
I tunnel my vision, everything else begins to darken.
As I hit the landing, my feet must compensate,
Weight distributions instinctive, theres no need to hesitate.

My breathes are deep, and my heart pumps fast,
Flushing my body with blood and oxygen to last.
My muscles contract as they take the strain,
Bounding over walls, this is how I train.

To become Agile, Flexible, Fast and Strong,
Worthy of the 3RUN family, for which I belong.

While the average guy lives an elaborate lie,
The fear in my eyes will never fortify.
The adrenaline in my bloodstream is evident,
And all my other feelings are rendered irrelevant.

As I make my next movement of which Ive planned in advance
I mime the precision leaving nothing to chance

Tepid and unwavering my balance commands me
A hero of stature as Im expressing to be

Something and someone much more than the norm
Im a cannon exploding the eye of the storm

Stained walls appear hear where others marks have been made
A map of movement like an atlas has now been outlaid
I can use these footprints to inspire me to improve
To spur me on, on my quest to move.
Its a sign that I too belong to this place
After all Ive left marks you can still see my trace.

My face contorts as I brace to leap,
energy flows through my body from my head to my feet.
I drive my body off of the wall,
and float for that moment, time seems to stall.

Coming back to my senses, my feet meet the ground,
I tuck to a roll barely making a sound.
I round a corner, coming out in a stride,
Forcing myself on, leaping with pride.

I wanna stop just for a second, say it straight from the heart,
Life is a lesson, from the day you are born to the day we depart.
Family is the most important thing, so hold them near,
Life is too short to live it in fear.

Be positive, helpful, kind and curtious,
Stress is of the devil, stay calm, never furious.
Such things arent important, they cannot impress,
How many people you bless, is how you truly measure success.

My skin may tare and the flesh may be seen
But the adrenaline pumps strong and my muscles stay keen
Fibres explode with every contraction
This is my life, the fatal attraction

No questioning the universe, this is just part of my plot,
And as George Bernard Shaw said:
You see things and say why? But dream things that never were and say why not?
Afterall, Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever.
Lance Armstrong told me this, As far as Im concerned Never say Never

My training is my life, it is my catlyst,
Its why I work hard and tend to persist.

I hit the wall where graffiti enthrals the once bare
Like it I hit it with intensive art flair
The art of the movement as prominent as the wall
Started out the same as nothing at all
It strange how such beauty could not once be there
I feel blessed in myself that I have something too share

I carve my own path like huskies in the snow
Leading a track for others to follow
Although the path I lead may not just be mine
I encourage others to find there own in due time
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