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The Degree Scheme helps individuals develop their understanding of their Jedi path.

As a non-profit religious organisation, TotJO has the right to issue religious degrees: Degrees of Divinity, in effect degrees in Jediism. The Degree Scheme consists of a set of lessons that are attributed a points value. Once a student has reached a certain amount of points they will be awarded the corresponding degree. It is overseen by theĀ Degree Administrator.

The Degree lessons are a peer-reviewed compilation of lessons created by TotJO's Training/Teaching Masters; to study the Degree is to study under each of the Training/Teaching Master at TotJO. This provides a well-rounded and comprehensive programme to learn from.

We currently issue the following degrees:

Associate Degree of Divinity (A.Div)

Bachelor Degree of Divinity (B.Div)

Doctorate Degree of Divinity (D.Div)

Work done for the Initiate Programme and the Apprenticeship contributes to the Degree. Completing enough lessons to earn the A.Div level is one of the minimum requirements for completing an Apprenticeship. The B.Div is awarded for independent study performed after Knighthood and is a requirement for the rank Senior Knight. The D.Div degree is honorary.